By The Numbers: Best Quarterback In The OVFL for 2013

by Callum Ferguson on Sep-05-2013


Successful teams are lead by great QBs. Find out who the best of the best were this year in the OVFL!
A lot of statistics and factors need to be taken in when contemplating the best Varsity quarterback in the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL). Passing yards, completions per pass attempts, interceptions, touchdowns and quarterback rating will all be factored in when ranking the top 5. Their team’s record/performance and the offensive players they have to support them will also be factored in. Without further ado here are the Top 5 Varsity Quarterbacks in the OVFL.
Top 5

5. Damien White – Pickering Dolphins

  • 2,795 Passing Yards 
  • 206 – 406 Completions/Attempts  
  • 28 Interceptions
  • 15 Touchdowns
  • 107 Quarterback Rating 
  • Finished the season 2-6-0 with Pickering
  • Top Receivers –WR Josh Henry (2nd in league with 65 receptions, 955 receiving yards and 33 first downs) and WR/RB Meschach Green (5th in league with 45 receptions and 762 receiving yards, 3rd with 28 first downs and tied for 9th with 5 TD’s).

4. James Roberts – Cambridge Lions

  • 1,834 Total Yards (190 rushing)
  • 118 – 219 Completions/Attempts
  • 9Interceptions
  • 20 Touchdowns (13 passing, 7 rushing)
  • 128.3 Quarterback Rating
  • Led Cambridge to a 6-3-0 overall record and a 1st round playoff appearance
  • Top Receivers–WR Simon Beeksma (20 receptions, 309 receiving yards, 3 TD’s) and QB/WR Jaedon Herron (12 receptions, 286 receiving yards, 5 TD’s).

3. Nate Hobbs – Mississauga Warriors

  • 1,949 Passing Yards
  • 119 – 221 Completions/Attempts
  •  8 Interceptions
  •  16 Touchdowns
  • 144.6 Quarterback Rating
  • Led team to 7-3-0 overall record, 2nd round of playoffs
  • Top Receivers –WR Timothie Nicholas (35 receptions, 501 receiving yards, 4 TD’s), WR Trea Ivey(25 receptions, 466receiving yards, 4 TD’s)and WR D’Saun Greenaway (25 receptions, 349 receiving yards, 4 TD’s).

2. Brett Stein – Metro Toronto Wildcats

  • 1,595 Passing Yards
  • 108 – 171 Completions/Attempts
  • 3 Interceptions
  • 15 Touchdowns
  • 166.9 Quarterback Rating
  • Led Metro Toronto to 5-4-1 record, 1st round playoff appearance
  • Top receivers - WR Trivel Pinto(44 receptions, 778receiving yards, 5 TD’s) WR Malcolm Carter (21 receptions, 461 receiving yards, 3 TD’s).
1. Nick Gorgichuk – Myers Riders

  • 4,174 Passing Yards
  • 234 – 319 Completions/Attempts
  • 6 Interceptions
  • 52 Touchdowns
  • 233.3 Quarterback Rating
  • Led Myers Riders to a perfect 11-0-0 season ending with an OVFL Championship
  • Top Receivers - WR Kory Morgan (62 receptions, 1,112 yards, OVFL-leading 16 Receiving TD’s),SB Jaegar Prot (45 REC, 915 yards, 2nd in league with 14 receiving TD’s) and WR Mathieu Bradley (59 REC, 1,026 yards, 9 TD’s).

Who do you think is the best QB in the OVFL? It is up for discussion. Is it Nick Gorgichuk, who by far has the best numbers and has won a championship, but is assisted with a great supporting cast, or a QB like Brett Stein, Nate Hobbs or James Roberts who put up solid numbers while leading their teams to playoff sports with far less offensive weapons at their disposal?

Any team would be lucky to have 1 of these 5 star quarterbacks on their roster. All of them are very different, and have certain skill sets that make them unique in their own way.Stein was extremely efficient, and his season was unfortunately cut short due to injury so he couldn’t help the Wildcats make a run in the playoffs. Roberts was very mobile and elusive, a true dual threat scoring 7 touchdowns on the ground on top of his passing prowess. White put up huge passing totals, but had too many interceptions.

Ultimately, nobody compares to the record-breaking Gorgichuk, who put up some absolutely ridiculous numbers in this loaded offense. 52 touchdowns to 6 interceptions? Are you kidding me?Those numbers are Tom Brady-like. The fact that he managed to throw for over 4,100 yards and was still efficient to the tune of a 73% completion percentage is just out of this world. Gorgichuk had a season for the ages, and the Carleton Ravens will be happy to have him this year learning under starter Jesse Mills.

Photo Credit: Darren Brown/Ottawa Sun