About Us

SportsEh is an early stage start-up company, incorporated as StudentBlitz Inc., with aspirations to become the leading web-enabled sports social hub and recruiting service in Canada, with a distinct offering of online and offline services and products, provided at unequalled levels of performance.

Operating as SportsEh, the company’s two main businesses are a university and college athlete recruiting service and a sports social hub. Both are focused on complementary customer segments that include high school and university & college varsity athletes and alumni, their coaches and potential coaches, class-mates, families, friends, and fans, and other sports-interested adults, children and seniors.

The recruiting service – Top Prospects Canada – meets the needs of coaches seeking athletes for their university or college teams, and the needs of student-athletes and their parents for better information and advice to assist in their decision-making process about institutions and teams, and to get recruited by their preferred teams/schools. Top Prospects was founded in 2010 by Shomari Williams, a former NCAA and CIS football player and the #1 selection in the 2010 CFL draft. It has already established strong brand awareness and a solid reputation, the largest football player database in Canada, and a customer base of Canadian and US universities and college. The existing www.topprospects.ca website will be integrated into the www.sportseh.ca website, and will maintain its Top Prospects identity and branding.

The sports social hub – SportsEh – is designed to engage all of our customer segments, in different ways, and with different content. It is also designed for one-way content dissemination, two-way connectivity between SportsEh and our members, and a community web interaction for all members, related to sports and academics in general, or within sub-communities catering to specific sports, schools, teams, geographies, and academic issues. Operating under the SportsEh banner, this part of the company was founded in 2013 by Patrick Yan, a former University of Toronto football player.

With a mission “to encourage and support the development, promotion, and engagement of Canadian student-athletes, so they may achieve their athletic and academic aspirations and reach their highest potential,” our goal is to help prepare Canadian student-athletes for the road ahead, and to do so while offering an engaging web experience for them and the broader community of team-mates, class-mates, coaches, families, friends, and sports fans.

SportsEh would be the first Canadian company to fully integrate both a sports social hub and a recruiting component for Canadian student-athletes.

In July 2013, a home office with offices and meeting space was established in the greater Toronto area, the location in Canada with the greatest number of high school and university & college institutions, students, and alumni, and therefore the recruiting hotspot within Ontario, and for the country. The office is easily accessible by public transit for not only the SportsEh team, but also visiting students, parents, and coaches, and will also have parking available for visitors.