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In this day and age, online media is THE source of information. SportsEh is Canada’s first sports social hub where athletes, fans, parents and coaches can come for the best amateur football and basketball content (pending future expansion).

High school and university sport is a growing culture in Canada and SportsEh is looking to bring Canada to a new level of media exposure. SportsEh is committed to providing the best in high school and university content including opinionated pieces, game and season summaries, player features, multimedia features, CIS team pages and the most up to date amateur sport coverage. Our video production team also matches up as one of the best in the country, covering amateur sports.

As a newly launched website, SportsEh has grown rapidly throughout Ontario during our first month. We plan on expanding to cover the rest of Canada, within a short period of time. Join us in changing the Canadian sports landscape, and gain access to advertise on a rapidly growing website with unlimited potential – and the statistics to back it up.

We would be happy to discuss advertising opportunities with you, but first let us send you our SportsEh Advertising Kit and some statistics from our first month of operation.

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