Ontario Home to NHL Clubs, CFL Teams and MLS Crews

In 2017 Ontario residents not only had access to the best sports teams, they had reason to celebrate as the newly announced expansions would add live sports wagering to the current betting options. On the 24th of November, OLG revealed that it was expanding its online gambling options to include both sports and novelty betting.
The cost of the expansion was not available, although the agency indicated that the selection of a suitable company would be by fall 2018.

This sees Ontario join with other jurisdictions, such as British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and Atlantic Canada that offers eSports, online sports betting and novelty betting. In NHL several great players came from Sweden, Russia, and Finland although, the majority of world-class players are Canadian born, according to studies. With the top players being Canadian, the best players in the game all come from Ontario.

Ontario Produces Best NHL Players

The best programs for juniors is available in Ontario and QuantHockey keeps a record of all NHL players origin, according to provinces. It is this record that shows that Ontario produced 40% of the NHL Canadian players for the past 60 years. While only 11% of NHL players came from Ontario in the 1959/60 season, by 2011/12 the percentage increased to 40.8% of Canadian born players.

It is no wonder that Ontario sees a constant growth in sports betting needs filled by Canadian Online Casinos and Sportsbooks. Soon residents would have the opportunity to access NHL games on their mobile devices, which is already available to Atlantic Canadians. Due to the popularity of NHL, Canadian sports bettors are most certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to Canadian Online Casinos and Sportsbooks.

Canadian Online Casinos and Sportsbooks

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